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  • FIL-01

Filter mat for koi aquaculture


  • Filter mat for Koi aquaculture
  • Item no.: FIL-01
  • Material: PP+POE
  • Size: max width 2000mm, length can be customized, thickness 40/50mm
  • Product weight: depend on product size and density( density available from 35-150kg/cbm)
  • Packing: 5-10pcs/ woven bag
  • Volume: depend on size
  • N.W: depend on size and density
  • G.W: depend on size and density

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Product Description

product introduction

Filter mat for koi aquaculture,which can removes ammoniac and nitries by means of bacteria.This mat gives a large specific surface area for the bacteria to attach to and simultaneously allows sufficient flow of water to go through the filter without clogging. The mats are rigid,easy to handle, easy to clean and designed for many years of useful work.


1. Biological filter mat removes toxic ammoniac and nitrites by means of bacteria.

2. The right filter medium gives a large specific surface area for the bacteria to attach to and simultaneously allows sufficient flow of water through the filter without clogging.

3. Biological filter mat is made from pp+poe polymers.

4. The mat is rigid, easy to handle, easy to clean and designed for many years of useful work.

5. Furthermore, the pp+poe fibers do not contain chlorine so the environment is not  endangered after disposal.




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